Soul Retrieval, Sandra Ingerman
Sandra Ingerman

Soul Retrieval

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With warmth and compassion, Sandra Ingerman describes the dramatic results of combining soul retrieval with contemporary psychological concepts in this visionary work that revives the ancient shamanic tradition of soul retrieval for healing emotional and physical illness. This revised and updated edition includes a new afterword by the author.
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Victoria Gizhyrova
Victoria Gizhyrovaje citiraoпрошле године
The little girl comes to you
cautiously gingerly
does she dare
to trust again
She comes on dark wings
with pink ribbons
wanting pretty things, ice cream and a place
in your heart
she whispers
and wants you to listen
she is fragile and strong
like a milkweed seed
Svetlana Smoliajeva
Svetlana Smoliajevaje citiralaпре 3 године
. Do you ever have a difficult time staying “present” in your body? Do you sometimes feel as if you’re outside your body observing it as you would a movie?
2. Do you ever feel numb, apathetic, or deadened?
3. Do you suffer from chronic depression?
4. Do you have problems with your immune system and have trouble resisting illness?
5. Were you chronically ill as a child?
Healing, Lene Juel Kristensen
Lene Juel Kristensen
  • 30
  • 4
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