Jamie Oliver: King of the Kitchen – The biography of the man who revolutionised the way Britain eats, Stafford Hildred, Tim Ewbank
Stafford Hildred,Tim Ewbank

Jamie Oliver: King of the Kitchen – The biography of the man who revolutionised the way Britain eats

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Jamie Oliver is Britain's best-loved chef. His matey charm and down-to-earth approach to cooking – from The Naked Chef to 30-Minute Meals – have made him a household favourite the length and breadth of the country. Rising from humble pastry chef to television superstar by catching the eye of producers during a documentary about the River Café, his on-screen charisma meant that he featured heavily in the final programme and the offers came flooding in…and so The Naked Chef was born. Jamie's passion shone through and a whole generation of young people were captivated by his enthusiasm. Cooking was suddenly cool! His television series and books gave Jamie fame and fortune the world over, but he always wanted to do something positive with his success. Through his fifteen charity restaurants and campaigns to revolutionise school dinners and get Britain cooking again, Jamie has proved himself to be more than simply a celebrity chef. His desire to bring about radical change has seen him meet with top politicians and raise millions of pounds for good causes. This is the fun and fascinating story behind Jamie Oliver: talented chef, father of four, television celebrity, political campaigner and national institution.
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