Fethullah Gulen

Journey to Noble Ideals

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Journey to Noble Ideals is a compilation of speeches Fethullah Gulen delivered in Pennsylvania, USA, between 2012 and 2013. The book provides guidelines to build our individual ladders to self-discovery. In Gulen's prescription, climbing this ladder requires &quote;lifelong contendedness,&quote; &quote;a spirit of chivalry,&quote; &quote;becoming soil to grow roses,&quote; &quote;balance and moderation,&quote; &quote;being self-critical,&quote; &quote;not to be dizzy with worldly pleasures,&quote; and &quote;sincerity of intention.&quote; Nourished from a millennium old accumulation of knowledge and tradition, Gulen speaks of preserving one's &quote;chastity of thoughts&quote; but not lagging behind, and instead soaring across the &quote;horizons of spiritual knowledge.&quote; For Gulen, a healthy society is built on a &quote;happy marriage,&quote; observing the &quote;rights of neighbors,&quote; &quote;sound reason,&quote; and &quote;asking for forgiveness.&quote; Above all, his faith rests on a firm belief that &quote;God is sufficient&quote; for all.This work will be a source of inspiration for all the travelers' journeying to noble ideals.
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