Laurel Aspen,Teresa Joseph,Aishling Morgan,Landon Dixon,Philip Kemp

Spankers Justice

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A thrilling collection of five varied erotic spanking stories.

Spanker’s Justice by Aishling Morgan

Someone has left behind the evidence. An empty packet of condoms and “the Hatchet” as Commander Buchanan is called, is not pleased. What sort of punishment should Olivia Fielding, who incidentally is a lady in her own right, her father being and Earl and all, receive for such outrageous behavior. As she stands there blubbering, “the Hatchet” looks on in disgust while she contemplates her options, including shaving off her hair, but will she go that far?

From Wanting to Wanton by Laurel Aspen

Luke Forbes is researching material for a book and Rose Hill, the senior Librarian, is taken aback when she finds the subject matter is Erotic writing, written by and for women. Rose beings to delve into a few short stories and brings up some interesting questions. Luke, a man who knows what he wants, suggests she act upon them and the outcome is surprising causing her to question her own reckless emotions and reactions. But did Luke know all along what the outcome would be?

Butt in a Sling by Landon Dixon

Did sweet Imee, a twenty-year-old Filipina, know what she was doing? Warren Williams was a General who demanded proper attire. Imee, sweet and innocent knew exactly what she was doing and Warren knew exactly what he wanted.

Spanked by My Own Step-Daughter by Teresa Joseph

Rodger was forty seven and I was twenty two. Oh, I knew what everyone was thinking but I didn’t care. He wasn’t going through a midlife crisis and even his ex-wife could see how happy we were together, so when his daughter Stacey made it clear that she would not tolerate anything, and I must stress anything, that made her dad unhappy I thought she was just being over protective. When one day I innocently borrowed some money from Rodger’s wallet I soon came to realize that Stacey had much more on her mind than just her father’s wellbeing.

Hot Enough for June by Philip Kemp

June and Mark have only been living together for a few months so when she sneaks in late after a night out with the girls she sees a new side of Mark that she’s not sure she likes. After what could only be an interrogation she’s shock to see what he does next?

These stories have also been published in Ultimate Spanking ISBN 9781907016127
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