Karlin Sloan

Executive Presence

Sloan Group International’s Executive Presence & Influence Program™ elevates the ability of leaders to impact and influence others in the organization, specifically senior leadership. This comprehensive, multitouchpoint program utilizes a simple, yet impactful 4-part model:
● Somatic (Physical) Presence
One’s ability to command their physical posture, gestures, verbal pace and tone
● Mental Presence
One’s ability to stay mentally clear, focused and on task with what they are saying
● Emotional Presence
One’s ability to be aware of self and others, and to engage others emotionally through appreciation and acknowledgment
● Charismatic Presence
One’s ability to positively impact others just by being there
These four areas of Executive Presence provide a simple, yet powerful and practical model for readers to identify which aspects of their presence need more focus. Additionally, the model helps leaders diagnose which competencies are needed most in a high stakes influence situation, whether it is to get results from people you’re working with, get a promotion, or to deliver powerful messages that engage participation and presence in others. 

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