Marie Tozier

Open the Dark

“Tozier’s first book of poems clearly is emplaced in family, community, geography, history, and the seasonality of animals and plants in Western Alaska.” —Elizabeth Bradfield, author ofToward Antarctica
Open the Dark is an exquisite collection of poems depicting a generational tapestry woven with the shared ebb and flow of land and sea and time. Loving hands, dyed sweet with raspberries and lingonberries, pass ancestral knowledge—of the hunt for seal and crab to pressing ironless, ruler-straight seams—from grandmother to mother, mother to daughter. This is a collection that beckons, like a mother’s warm embrace, into the vibrant scent and taste of Iñupiaq Alaska.
“A lyrical guide to the life in Northwest Alaska experienced by the Iñupiaq poet and her family . . . Like most books of good poems, it is also a gallery of images for revisiting time after time.” —49 Writers
“These deceptively simple poems enlarge with repeated readings; they unfold greater meaning each time and leave a reader with much to contemplate about identity, cultures, generational wisdom, and values. Marie Tozier’s fresh voice is a very welcome addition to Alaskan, Indigenous and American literature.” —Anchorage Daily News
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    But we return every summer, spawning salmon, finding that faint scent of home.

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