Amelia Grey

Marquis to Marry

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The Marquis is Shock to Find a Duchess on His Doorstep…When his noble visitor accuses Raceworth of hiding priceless stolen pearls belonging to her family, no way is he going to handover his grandmother's necklace-not even to a lady he find beautiful and intriguing. Especially When She Turns Out to Be Young and BeautifulRelentless as she is, Susannah, Duchess of Brookfield, refuses to be intimidated by the Marquis's commanding presence, chiseled good looks, or charming smile, and her immense attraction to him isn't going to stop her either.But when the pearls disappear, Race and Susannah will have to work together in order to discover they can't live apart.Praise for Amelia Grey: "e;Sweeps readers along at a lively pace in a lusciously spicy romp that is the first in the author's 'The Rogue Dynasty' series."e;-Library Journal "e;Great characters, a strong heroine, humor, excitement, and great love scenes-I couldn't ask for anything more!"e;-The Romance Studio"e;Reading Amelia Grey's novels is like getting an unexpected gift-fun surprises from the moment you open the cover until you turn the final page. Treat yourself to a gift today!"e;-Affaire de Coeur
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