Redlegs, Chris Dolan
    The River Bank, Kij Johnson
    Sandcastle Sister, Lisa Wingate
    The Cost of Sugar, Cynthia McLeod
    Sea Glass Sisters, Lisa Wingate
    The Three Monarchs, Anthony Horowitz
    The Lady Hellion, Joanna Shupe
    If He's Tempted, Hannah Howell
    Sometimes a Rogue, Mary Jo Putney
    Never Deny a Duke, Madeline Hunter
    My Spartan Hellion, Nadia Aidan
    The Bride of Rosecliffe, Rexanne Becnel
    The Lady's Maid, Dilly Court
    Tycoon, Joanna Shupe
    A Devil of a Duke, Madeline Hunter
    Jam And Roses, Mary Gibson
    The Bachelor, Sabrina Jeffries
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