Chairlie and the Chocolate Works, Roald Dahl
    Nine Princes In Amber, Roger Zelazny
    The Nowhere Emporium, Ross Mackenzie
    The Assassin and the Desert, Sarah J.Maas
    The Assassin and the Empire, Sarah J.Maas
    Exile (Mercy, Book 2), Rebecca Lim
    The Faerie War, Rachel Morgan
    No Place For Magic, E.D.Baker
    The Land of Roar, Jenny McLachlan
    The GFG: The Guid Freendly Giant, Roald Dahl
    Guns Of Avalon, Roger Zelazny
    Fury (Mercy, Book 4), Rebecca Lim
    Philip K. Dick Super Pack, Philip Dick
    The Black Guard, A.J.Smith
    Sign of the Unicorn, Roger Zelazny
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