Seana Smith

Sydney For Under Fives

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This is the essential book for everyone with small children who lives in or is visiting Sydney. It is filled with over 300 fantastic places and ideas for you to have fun with your under fives. Seana Smith, with the help of her four children, has travelled and researched the whole of Sydney to find the places listed here. North, south, east and west are all covered in great detail, giving you lots of ideas on where to take your baby, toddler or preschooler.

SYDNEY FOR UNDER FIVES includes everything you need to know about: going to cafes and restaurants; the best beaches, baths and pools; culture for kids and carers; zoos and wildlife reserves; playgroups and playgrounds; great stroller walks; and even baby-friendly cinemas.

SYDNEY FOR UNDER FIVES is the definitive book for anyone wanting to have fun with small children in Sydney – don’t leave home without it.
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