Master The Special Agent Exam

Peterson’s Master The Special Agent Exam (12th edition)
Learn All About a Career as a Special Agent from this user-friendly guide.
Section 1. Overview of the test prep guide
In this section, you will learn:
the basics about a Federal Government career in this field where the jobs are and details of the various written tests, interviews, polygraphs, and physical exams required for this job Section 2. Diagnose your strengths and weaknesses
Diagnose your strengths and weaknesses for this exam by taking a practice test that covers the following subjects and offers a review and discussion of the right answers:
Verbal reasoning and logical reasoning Quantitative reasoning and Arithmetic reasoning Problems for Investigation Full Answer Key and Complete Explanations Section 3. Sharpen your knowledge and skills
This section focuses on Special Agent Math skills, including:
Ratio and proportions Rate problems using distance and time Taxation and Payroll Profit and Loss, and Solving for the Unknown. Section 4. Three Practice Tests to hone your test-taking skills
Three Practice Tests that focus on all parts of the exam.
Test yourself under timed practice to do your best on the real test!
Finally, there is a FAQs section about the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center.
Use Peterson’s Master The Special Agent Exam (12th edition) guide to maximize your chances on the all-important test for your career. Be prepared to succeed!
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