C.H. Fay

The Art of Lead Burning

The mystery which has always surrounded the work of the lead burner, like that of all other handicrafts outside of ordinary occupations, dissolves under the light of a full knowledge of the causes and effects that have a bearing upon it. While different works have treated on lead burning, it is the object of this special treatise to explain fully in detail every part of the apparatus and fixtures in common use, as well as their application, so that the careful reader may understand and acquire the art of lead burning by observing scrupulously the rules laid down and devoting sufficient time to practice to master it. This instruction, given by text and illustration, is only presented after the dangerous power of hydrogen gas when misused is thoroughly impressed on the reader. It would be well for all who hope to become lead burners to devote several evenings, with an interval between, to a thorough study of the chapters on hydrogen gas and its properties before taking any further steps. To those who have not had previous experience with chemicals and gases this preliminary study is indispensable for their own safety, for the successful operation of the apparatus and to insure satisfactory work. When fully familiar with the properties of hydrogen gas and the necessity of being careful when it is used little difficulty will be experienced in acquiring a full knowledge of the apparatus and fixtures. The art of burning the lead can only be acquired by practice, and either quickly or slowly, as the operator may be quick and skillful in acquiring any handicraft. In addition to describing what has been common practice for many years, the treatise contains a description of a new machine and burner which has only recently become available to lead burners. It also describes the method of lead burning with the use of illuminating gas and a soldering flux.
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