Knjige slične knjizi „Day of the Dead“ autora Mark Roberts

The Underneath, Melanie Finn
The Machine, James Smythe
The Kept Woman, Karin Slaughter
This Is How It Begins, Joan Dempsey
Poison Girls, Cheryl L. Reed
The Salem Witch Trials, Marilynne K. Roach
The Biggerers, Amy Lilwall
Stranded, Val McDermid
My Hand Mitten, Austin Thacker
Palaces, Simon Jacobs
The Borrowed, Chan Ho-Kei
The Reykjavik Assignment, Adam LeBor
I Hate Christmas, Daniel Blythe
History of Wolves, Emily Fridlund
The Chemical Wedding, John Crowley
Sugar Land, tammy lynne stoner
The Time In Between, Nancy Tucker
The Second Sister, Claire Kendal
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