The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (Chinese Edition), Mark Twain
Mark Twain

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (Chinese Edition)

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“The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” is one of the most representative works of Mark Twain with most reader. It describes that Tom and Huck who desire to make success how to break the shackles from family, religion and hackneyed education system, and find the freedom and romantic from the game and adventure that they cannot get from the life. The hero Tom is the prototype of young author. Tom and Huck are children with justice, kindness, braveness, self-respect, and they were seen as “naughty “, “rude” at that time. But in author's works they become very cute children with excellent quality, such as brilliant, helpful, wise and brave. Hero cannot tolerate the rules and prohibitions related to the church, who oppose reading books rigidly and against the rigid precepts and rules. They pursue amusement and adventure with freedom and the characteristics of juvenile by acting pirate and robber to achieve the free life ideals. Mark Twain describes the inner world and every movement for children vividly. In addition, the authors also satirize the social bad habits, social institutions and social kinds of people by subtly ironic humor, and lash the social evils. Language Characteristics of satire and humor used in this novel is vivid.
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