Play by Play, Nadia Aidan
Nadia Aidan

Play by Play

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Book 1 in the Red Velvet Rope series.
Katherine Higgins is the no-nonsense owner of trendy Las Vegas casino Taboo, and she has a secret. Every night her fantasies are filled with visions of her bodyguard dominating her. Seth Kyoto is Katherine’s no-nonsense bodyguard, and he too has a secret—every night his fantasies are filled with visions of his boss submitting to him.
From the moment Katherine hired Seth, their strong personalities clashed. Underneath their mutual animosity is a simmering attraction neither wants to acknowledge, but they can no longer ignore. And when someone threatens Katherine’s life, Seth is forced to stay close to her, closer than either is comfortable with. While they’re stuck together, two secrets will be revealed and every one of their fantasies fulfilled.
But they each hold one last secret that, if it comes to light, could ultimately tear them apart.
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