Amanda Scott

The Bawdy Bride

Passion and treachery give this Regency romance a gothic twist—from the USA Today–bestselling author, “a most gifted storyteller” (RT Book Reviews).
As the third and last unwed daughter of an earl, Lady Anne Davies doesn’t expect her marriage to be a love match. She is in need of a husband. Lord Michael St. Ledgers needs a woman to run his home and be a mother to his orphaned niece and nephew. It seems the ideal business arrangement. When Anne travels to Michael’s ancestral estate, the Priory, deep in the Derbyshire countryside, she starts to uncover his disturbing secrets. Michael’s brother perished under mysterious circumstances, and now someone at the Priory is stalking her. As Anne begins to fear for her life, she realizes that the greatest danger may come from the man she has come to trust—and love.
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    his efforts. She crumpled to an awkward position
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