Clive Gibson

Everyone’s Guide to the Consumer Protection Act

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Whether you want to buy a television or a car, provide a service, file a consumer complaint or return an item to a seller, you need to know your rights under the new Consumer Protection Act …
The CP Act has given every South African rights and obligations that up until now have not been an issue, and ignorance of the law is not a defence. This easily accessible guide explains how, among other things, the CP Act aims to:
– Promote and protect the economic interests of consumers;
– Improve access to, and the quality of, information that is necessary so that consumers are able to make informed choices;
– Protect consumers from hazards to their well-being and safety;
– Develop effective means of redress for consumers; and – Promote and provide for consumer education.
Everyone’s Guide to the Consumer Protection Act is therefore essential reading for all South Africans – every home should have one.
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