The Auditions (Pony Club Rivals, Book 1), Stacy Gregg
Stacy Gregg

The Auditions (Pony Club Rivals, Book 1)

Competition is fierce at the All-Stars Academy – can the new girl outshine her rivals?
The Blainford ‘All-Stars’ Academy is the most elite horse riding school ever and it’s auditions time for next year’s new students!
The hopefuls must battle for a place against the most talented riders from around the world. Friendships are quickly made, but with rivalries hotting up inside AND outside the arena, who will stay focused and outshine the competition?
With all the glitz and glamour of international eventing and the daily dramas of high school life, ‘Pony Club Rivals’ is a sure-fire hit!
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Leane Elenor Anastacia Johansson
Leane Elenor Anastacia Johanssonje citiraoпре 2 године
Chapter One
The black gelding snorted and fretted, moving anxiously from side to side in the start box. Holding him back, the girl tightened her grip on the reins as she waited for the ste

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