Marketing Basics, Brian O'Kane
Brian O'Kane

Marketing Basics

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Marketinge yeni baslayanlar ucun maraqli ola biler amma effektiv melumat yoxdur.

Your market research should have defined the customers the business is going to target. If not, go back and do more research on your potential clients so that you can answer the following questions about your customers / target groups:
• Who are they?
• Where are they located?
• How they spend their money?
• Where they spend their money?
• Where they socialise?
• Can they be put in a social class and, if so, which class?
For example, if customers say they want “Total quality”, ask “What do you mean by that?”. When they answer “Quick response”, you must ask “What do you mean by ‘quick response’?”. After asking “What do you mean?” a few times, you will establish their real need
you should remain committed to it in the long term.
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