Susan Ford Collins,Richard Israel

Success Has Gears: Using the Right Gear at the Right Time in Business and Life

Book 2 of The Technology of Success Series. *** Improve your performance and your organisation now! Drawing and expanding on ideas put forth in the critically acclaimed Joy of Success, Susan Ford Collins and Richard Israel, renowned business consultants and motivational speakers, teach you how and when to use the essential Second Success Skill-Shifting Gears-that can literally transform your business approach overnight. When you and your organisation shift Success and Leadership Gears at the right time, your effectiveness, productivity and creativity rise to the next level. And your profitability rises with it. Success Has Gears presents 20 case studies in which leaders and their teams operate in the wrong gear at the wrong time, and reveals the high cost of these gear-shifting errors. It also provides you with tools to recognise and reorient your approach in similar situations. www.TechnologyofSuccess.com. *** “A book ALL present and future business executives should make required reading for ALL their department heads.” – George A. Naddaff, Founder, Boston Market *** “A thought-provoking guide to the dynamic process of leading in the modern workplace-even when you are simply leading yourself to higher levels of performance.” – Greg Horn, Founder, CEO, GNC
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