A Vampire For Christmas, Tuesday Morrigan
Tuesday Morrigan

A Vampire For Christmas

Kyle Lepiz knows his neighbour isn't quite human and he's right. He just never expected him to be so dark, seductive…or undead.
Kyle is a hacker determined to prove the government is experimenting on soldiers. Lucky for him, the proof is living right next door. Dieter has to be a government created superhuman—no mere mortal could be that good-looking. Surely there has to be government experimentation at work there. With the evidence conveniently living just a stone's throw away, all Kyle has to do is rein in his libido long enough to convince Dieter to spill his secrets.
Dieter is a vampire on the run from an old-fashioned and overbearing family. His mother wants grandchildren, his grandfather wants power and both of them are convinced Dieter's marriage to a rich heiress is the solution. The last thing the harried vampire needs is a crazy ass neighbor stalking him through the streets of the city, weirding out any man Dieter tries to date and severely impeding the vampire's mission to find his True Mate—the one person good enough to put an end to his family's plans for an arranged marriage. If only there were some way to get the handsome lunatic off Dieter's back.
The situation comes to a head when Dieter finally confronts Kyle about his 'surveillance'. A flash of inspiration later, a deal is struck. Dieter will answer Kyle's questions in exchange for erotic access to Kyle's body. Kyle will get the information he so desires, and Dieter will be able to work off some of the tension wearing him down. But as the clothes come off and the information out, will either one of them keep his head long enough to remember why they struck the bargain? Will they even care?
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