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Citati iz knjige „Bringing Up Children“ autora Osho

Now you know you are not the body, you know you are not the mind either.
From sixty-three to seventy you start getting ready to drop the body.
There is no more husband and there is no more wife; that time has passed. It has given its richness to your life; now there is something higher, higher than love.
Forty-two is the right time for a person to be able to know exactly who he is.
And it clicks with such certainty and so absolutely that you cannot even doubt it.
The person, the woman or the man who has brought you to such a climax, needs some gratitude – afterplay is your gratitude.
It is still not a biological interest. You are not interested in producing children; you are not interested in becoming husbands and wives, no. These are the years of romantic play. You are more interested in beauty, in love, in poetry, in sculpture – which are all different phases of romanticism.
People all around the world are really brown bags, full of everything rotten that you can conceive, for the simple reason that they have not been allowed to behave in a natural way.
You are born of sex, you will live for sex, your children will be born out of sex – and sex is the most condemned thing, the greatest sin.
How good it feels afterwards! But for how long? How long can you feel good after a sneeze? For how many seconds, how many minutes, can you brag: “I had such a sneeze, it was great.” As the sneeze is gone, with it goes all the joy too.
Yes, for a moment you feel relieved of a burden, just like a good sneeze.
Foreplay is really the most satisfying part in sex. Foreplay is more loving. Sex is simply a biological climax, but the climax of what? You have missed everything that could have made it a climax. Do you think you suddenly reach the climax, missing all the rungs of the ladder? You have to move up the ladder, rung by rung, only then can you reach a climax. Everybody
Certainly if you look around you, you will find a thousand and one things better than sex.
A thousand and one barriers are created between them, so they cannot have any rehearsal of the sexual life which is going to come.
Yes, it will have a sexual color to it, but it is a rehearsal; it is not the real drama. If you don’t even allow them a rehearsal and then suddenly one day the curtain opens, and the real drama starts…
You are bringing a life into existence; all the care in the world will be needed.
Don’t let him be affected by your fears. You may have fears, but keep them to yourself. Don’t unload those fears on the child because that will be interfering.
Don’t make him afraid of darkness, don’t make him afraid of failure, don’t make him afraid of the unknown. Give him support. When he is going on an unknown journey, send him on with all your support, with all your love, with all your blessings.
Protect the child from every kind of influence, so that he can remain himself – and it is only a question of seven years because then the first cycle will be complete. By seven years of age he will be well-grounded, centered, and strong enough.
Protect the child from others who can influence him; protect him at least up to the age of seven.
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