Godfrey Parkin

Doing Business Digitally

The internet is rapidly transforming the South African business landscape. For the first time the consumer has a voice; small businesses can run rings around large corporations; local consumers are buying internationally; and local businesses are selling globally. This creates massive opportunities – and an urgent need to change.

Doing Business Digitally:
• demonstrates the increasing power of the internet as a driver of business strategy;
• demystifies the essential elements of internet marketing;
• provides examples of how web 2.0, buzz marketing and social media can be used to rapidly grow brand awareness, lead generation and sales;
• gives practical guidelines for doing ebusiness professionally, drawing on examples from South Africa and abroad;
• explains step by step how to develop a website that will work as a business tool;
• shows how search engine marketing can generate traffic to a web page;
• provides rules to maximise the effectiveness of email marketing and online advertising; and • presents a simple eight-step approach to developing a strategy that minimises risk and provides a clear path to success.

Complete with a step-by-step strategy guide and comprehensive glossary, Doing Business Digitally shows the way in which companies need to evolve if they are to stay relevant and exploit new opportunities.
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