Russia: A Nation At Large


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A vast, complicated country whose leadership, and its actions, continues to divide public opinion – both and home and abroad. But Russia is more than just one man’s worldview, as these books illustrate.
The definitive account of the Russian Revolution. Period.
Ten Days that Shook the World, John Reed
Russia's October Revolution in an alternate reality. With dragons.
The Second World war may be over, but the battle for survival is clear and present for the women and children of East Prussia.
When Zuleikha's husband is killed, she's sent to a Siberian prison camp… with her husband's killer.
A wall? To distance religious 'undesirables' from mainstream society? Sounds oddly familiar…
The material that motivated the people.
Memory is a cruel mistress in this epic Russian tale that spans the 20th century.
Russia's answer to Finnegan's Wake -— a classic work where language rather than plot drives the story.
Like any good director, Oliver Stone got more than he needed when he had the opportunity to interview Vladimir Putin. So he published it -— in this book.
A much overused term is wheeled out once again. But this time to attempt to explain some of the motivations behind the current administration's questionable actions — and what might happen next.
Less a travel book, more a survival manual for those heading Moscow way for the first time.
Where would you go if you were a Russian billionaire looking for somewhere to airdrop a bundle of cash? London, of course!
A Russian girl dreams of becoming one of cinema's greatest living auteurs. But first she must escape the dull drudgery of her daily existence.
A remarkably rich novel about a 15th century healer's 500 year quest for redemption. Filled with everything from mythic beasts to modern politics.
A curious fiction in which the now former Russian leader is at the mercy of his senility… and his army of care staff who are more than happy to take advantage of their ailing, oblivious employer.
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