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If you want to start a new business, then you should read this book first!
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A pertinent read for anyone deciding whether or not entrepreneurship is for them.
Why not learn from a man who died but still have the most followers in the world?
It's a bit self-centered but Randi did help build an empire so worth the read when it comes to learning about social media.
Jim Collins and his team have done an enormous amount of interesting work to determine whether a good company can be come a great company and how to do that. Definitely worth the read.
He may be a sucky politician but you can't say his business skills are bad.
This power couple will give you great advice to win at life in business.
Learn how to maximise your office so you can perform the best!
Filled with instructive case-studies, practical advice and coaching tips, this book guides the reader through the many stages of starting a business, avoiding the common mistakes, and overcoming the obstacles that stand in the way.
This book covers everything from the approach and philosophy behind starting a new business to practical advice on marketing, financial management and dealing with the people who work for you.
They say you shouldn't make the same mistakes twice, so why not learn from the ones who have made enough to succeed.
Shows you how the city works and how to play the game.
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