Артем Малахивский
Артем Малахивскийje citiraoпрошле године
The change in woman is that women are less jealous of each other, more loyal to each other, and less inclined to believe in the leadership of men simply because they are men. I do not say for one moment that they value men less or like them less or consider them less necessary to life and happiness. On the contrary, indeed! I feel today’s women realize as never before the necessity of men’s love and companionship and they admire generously the achievements of men. But they are more selective about men. Women today tend, I think, to judge a man first as a human being, and only secondly as a man. Thirty years ago I think the reverse was true. This change is true, moreover, in women’s attitude toward women. Women are increasingly judging women first as human beings and only secondly as women—or to put it more precisely, as females.
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