Celinda Labrousse

Imperial Voyage

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Something is sabotaging the Imperial Space Navy.
The whole mission has been compromised.
Oscar is the only droid who can fix it.
It started out as a babysitting run for colony ships. Now Oscar’s adventure game has turned into a game of wits. An unknown assailant is sabotaging the ship. At the rate it's going everyone will be dead before they reach their destination. Faced with no other alternatives, Oscar has to ferret out the culprit and save the day. If only the meat bags would get out of his way long enough for him to do it.
A military sci-fi adventure that will have you guessing who's behind it all. 
Imperial Voyage is the prequel to Imperial Edge the first in the Imperial War Saga series. If you like fast-paced space adventures with engaging characters and classic science fiction tropes, you will love Oscar and the Ironsides.
Buy Imperial Voyage and join the space adventure today!
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