George Smith

The Big Fix

The Big Fix    is a science fiction novella by George O. Smith first published in 1959.

Anyone who holds that telepathy and psi powers would mean an end to crime quite obviously underestimates the ingenuity of the human race.

Now consider a horserace that had to be fixed...

In a future world where everyone can read minds (somewhat), Wally Wilson (cardsharp, bookie) is better than most.

Joe Barcelona wants the Kentucky Derby fixed, and leans hard on Wally to do it. But how?

The Big Fix was first published in Astounding Science Fiction December 1959.

Total Running Time (TRT): 57 min.

George Oliver Smith (1911-1981) (also known by the pseudonym Wesley Long) was an American science fiction author. He is not to be confused with George H. Smith, another American science fiction author.

Smith wrote mainly about outer space, with such works as Operation Interstellar (1950), Lost in Space (1959), and Troubled Star (1957). Smith continued regularly publishing science fiction novels and stories until 1960. He was given the First Fandom Hall of Fame award in 1980.
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