Rudolf Erich Raspe

The Startling Adventure of Baron Munchausen, a Classic Tale

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The Baron Munchausen's Narrative of his Marvellous Travels and Campaigns in Russia, or the Startling adventures of Baron Munchausen, is one of the funniest texts ever written. It relates the exploits of a grandiloquent figure, in a series of absurd, impossible and extravagant feats. It is a charming tale of dreamlike adventures, a powerful satire and a personal attack, as it was meant to mock a real Baron known for telling outrageous tall tales based on his military career during the Russo-Turkish war. The adventures of the Baron will have you roar with laughter and unleash your imagination as you witness his cannonball ride or travels to the moon. This beloved text has spawned numerous adaptations, such as movies and plays ; medical syndromes have even been named after this character.
Saga Egmont
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