Rosalie Rowell

Chakra and Reiki for Beginners

An article published in Rhythmic Healing Art asserts that chakra-healing helps in balancing the body and mind, improving overall health and well-being - which involves being able to heal your emotional, mental, and physical illnesses. To achieve these and more benefits, it’s important to learn how to unblock and realign your chakras - and it’s good that you’re here to finally learn how to do just that.
Even if you’ve never tried anything like this before, you can imagine how you would feel when you finally start feeling more energetic, lighter, and happier as you locate, unblock, activate/stimulate, and balance your chakras.
So which method should you use to unblock these energies?
Well, while there are many approaches to it across different cultures, the ancient Japanese healing method of Reiki should be top on the list in helping you to improve the flow of energy around your body.
This audiobook will teach you:
The basics of chakras, including what chakras are, how the chakra system works, the location of the different chakras in the bodyHow chakras relate to health and wellness, including how to tell whether each of your chakras is working optimally or notHow to achieve balance in chakra healingSome of the most amazing ways to clean and heal your chakrasHow to activate underactive chakras, unblock unblocked chakras, balance out-of-balance chakras, and slow down overactive chakras using different strategiesHow to leverage the power of chakra meditation for your benefitThe basics of Reiki, including what it is, what it does, how it works, how it can help youA detailed look into how you can learn Reiki by yourselfThe physical and mental benefits of ReikiAnd so much more!
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