Mark Lioy

Python for Beginners

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If you want to learn the most modern programming language in the world, then keep reading.Pyhton is an high-level programming language. It's a modern language, easy to learn and understand but very powerful.It's a versatile programming language that is now being used on a lot of different projects, from World-class Internet companies to small hobbyists, Python is extremely flexible and can be useful in a lot of different fields.With Python, you can develop apps, games and any kind of software.
In fact, Python is one of the highest-demand skill for professional developers.
Python for Beginners approaches this programming language in a very practical method to make sure you can learn everything you need to start working with Python as soon as possible.
You will learn...
▸ Why Python is a great language to start programming
▸ How to set-up the environment on your computer
▸ The logic behind programming
▸ Pyhton basic keywords and how to use them
▸ How to control the flow of your software
▸ How to handle files and user input
▸ Different data types - and how to use them all
▸ How to create new functions and use pre-built ones to speed up your coding
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