Samantha Rajii

Dirty Desires

19 stunning stories of elicit, sexy encounters that’ll make you hot!

No matter what you’re in the mood for, this erotic bundle has you covered. Indulge yourself with stories about first times with blushing leading ladies to stories of sensual domination. Whatever you like to read, you’ll find in this set—these stories are bound to please. Enjoy twisted tales of obsession, power, sizzling hot chemistry, sexy taboo encounters, and above all, the big-O.

Lose yourself in these stories; they’re perfect for one-handed reading and with 19 total stories there’s something to fit whatever mood you’re in.

Get ready for alpha males, sexy leading ladies, incredible group experiences, tantalizing orgies, red-hot threesomes, and so much more. This bundle will melt your kindle and get your heart racing. If you’re ready to learn what really goes bump in the night, then what are you waiting for? Grab your copy today!

Between the covers you’ll find these titles:

• Wicked Motives

• Stripped By Perversions

• Wild Perversions

• Twisted Touch

• Destructive Obsession

• Sinister Eden

• Secret Revelations

• Lewd Chemistry

• Driven to Seduce

• Secret Relations

• Stripped Boundaries

• Violated By Affairs

• Twisted Rhythms

• Twisted Fire

• Wild Encounters

• Blood of Perversions

• Intimate Aggression

• Forbidden Obsessions

• Carnal Response

Scroll up and buy your copy now!

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