How To Negotiate Like An FBI Agent… Christopher Voss

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From the price of your home, to your car, or a salary… To investor terms, or even the terms of a divorce… Some of the most important decisions you make in life, will require you to negotiate the terms.
Unfortunately most of us, especially here in the US, have no idea how to successfully negotiate, and try to avoid the entire process.
When we’re put into this situation, we rely on a single strategy to get through this uncomfortable process as quickly as we can… We offer to split-the-difference.
Well today, that comes to an end. Today you’re going to learn how to negotiate from one of the best in the world, Christopher Voss.
Chris spent 24 years in the FBI, and was the agency’s lead international kidnapping negotiator.
In over 150 different cases around the world, Chris’ ability to successfully negotiate these tense situations, literally meant life or death to the victim.
And today, he’s going to teach you how to negotiate without confrontation, and in a way that creates a win/win situation for both parties.
And he’s also going to teach you how to identify when you’re being hustled, or taken advantage of in a negotiation.
This is an incredibly valuable skill set that each of us needs to master, and today is your chance to learn how, from one of the best in the world.
Please help me welcome, Christopher Voss…


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