The African Queen

Mr Punch Presents: THE AFRICAN QUEEN. Set in 1915 on the treacherous rivers of war-torn Africa. Humphrey Bogart plays the gin sodden river trader, Charlie Allnut, who reluctantly agrees to help the prim missionary Rose Sayer, played in this radio version by Greer Garson, to travel down river on a hazardous journey and destroy a German gun boat. Humphrey Bogart won the 1951 Oscar for Best Actor, and again plays the uncouth captain of the tramp steamer in this special radio production.

This high-quality audiobook has been re-mastered and re-edited from the original radio broadcast.

Also available as part of the Hollywood Playhouse BOX SET, a collection of 14 Oscar winning ear-movies, adapted from the original screenplays & performed for the radio by many of the original film stars in front of a live studio audience.

These radio dramas were….to become as popular as the movies themselves.
Hollywood Movie Memories

This is an excellent audio product that will appeal to the majority of audiobook listeners.
Talking Business

A lovely series to add to any film, audio or crime lovers’ collection. 
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