Rick Wood

I Have the Sight

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Eddie is perfectly content being a lazy slob. He doesn’t really care whether he lives or dies, so what does it matter? That all changes, however, when a near-death experience forces him to confront something from the other side – something desperately evil – and it takes everything he has to ensure he isn’t dragged to hell with it…
As a child, Eddie witnessed the death of his little sister – a tragic event that destroyed his family and left him on a descent into despair. As an adult, he has no job, lives on his best friend’s sofa, and doesn’t particularly care that he is the loser his best friend tells him he is.
Then a near-death experience briefly forces Eddie to the other side. He sees something demonic, something destitute and evil, and he is grateful for waking up again.
But he hasn’t woken up alone.
Everywhere he goes this entity is there, haunting him. It is making him weaker, and it won’t be long before it takes his place in this world completely.
What’s more, Eddie doesn’t yet realise that there is a reason this demon has chosen him. Discovering that reason may be the key to finding his purpose in a world he has rejected.
But first, he has to survive.
Can he escape this demon that has attached itself to his soul? Or will he lose his life before he can become something greater?
I Have the Sight is the first of five books in The Edward King Series, the paranormal horror books that launched Rick Wood’s career as a horror author. If you like demons, exorcisms and the supernatural, you will love reading about Eddie.
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Rick Wood
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