M.K. Hill

The Woman in the Wood

The second thriller in the sharp, funny and moving Sasha Dawson series, named by The Times as a crime book of the month.

Three years ago, Danny 'Abs' Cruikshank, star of Laid in Essex!, was living the dream. And then, on the night of the party, everything changed.

It was supposed to be an intimate gathering. Just a few close friends in a remote cottage in Wales. But one thing led to another and the party spiralled out of control. Then a local girl was reported missing, presumed dead. Abs and his friends had been the last to see her alive.

No-one was ever charged, but the controversy destroyed Abs' career. So now, three years later, the celebrity who once captured the heart of millions is opening Southend's new branch of Poundland. But new evidence, discovered by DI Sasha Dawson and Essex police, is about to come to light. Evidence which might just clear Abs' name – or might send him down for murder...
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