Eugene McDuffie

Trilogy Hidden Brokenness Kintsugi

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Three books in one in the Trilogy Hidden Brokenness Kintsugi is a masterpiece written by the four-time published author Eugene McDuffie, who once again embodies the message of peace, love, and hope and boldly stands up against abuse the book reminds us that none of us can go too far out of reach of God's love We all will experience brokenness at some point in our lives.
Perfection is highly overrated. People struggle in life trying to find peace and healing in their life, the reader will not be able to put down the book. There is a twist in the story the main reason for writing this book is to help someone overcome their emotional pain. It is too easy to throw things we love away when they break, but we shouldn't.
Author Eugene McDuffie, who has many years of education and experience in ministry, public speaking, and outreach ministering to the abused, homeless, and addicted studied at Kaplan University Psychology and Youth Challenge Bible Institute.
He serves as a Pastor and teaches bible class, and is a Worship Leader, and contemporary soloist. Pastor Eugene has many years of experience in Ministry, Evangelism, Public Speaking, and Community Outreach.
As a result of many years of education and inner-city ministry, he has never wavered from his commitment to helping those in need and his faith in Christ.
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