Stephen Fleming

Woodturning for Beginners Handbook

When Rude Osolnik was asked, "Rude, how do I become a good turner?" he replied
"Stand at the lathe."Well, that's the key!
Of all the woodworking crafts I have practiced, Turning demands most patience and focus.
As you start, you have to find your comfort zone with a lathe, chisels, and other tools. After some practice, your mind and body would get attenuated to the ecosystem of Turning.
There are two ways of learning; one is learning from SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) with years of experience, and the other is to learn from people who are just a few steps ahead of you in their journey.
I fall into the latter group. I have spent five years on this hobby and am still learning from the experts.I still remember the initial doubts I had and the tips that helped me.
Topics Covered
✓    Introduction to Wood Turning
✓    Process & Techniques
✓    Finishing
✓    Safety and Best Practices
✓    10 Beginner Woodturning Projects
✓    Tips, Glossary, and Conclusion
I have included ample photographs of realistic beginner projects, and I will explain the processes and standard operating procedures associated with them.
In the last chapter, I have provided tips for beginners and a glossary of wood turning terms.
So what are you waiting for?
Get this updated book from someone who is a few steps ahead in the Wood Turning journey!
"If you don't blow up a bowl now and then, you are not aren't trying hard enough"- Master Wood turner.
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