CherAnn Wright

Where Secrets Stay

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Secrets bind several generations of women in this psychological thriller with paranormal elements.
Buried on an abandoned estate lies a sinister secret; one that artist Kevan Renee should never uncover. Her past traumas buried deep; she vows she'll never allow childhood memories to taint the new life she's built for herself.
Nathan Hill, haunted by the disappearance of his little sister for over two decades, leads a relentless quest for the truth about what happened to her. His seemingly simple life caring for a cantankerous godmother takes a different turn when he finds clues to his sister’s disappearance.
When Kevan’s beloved Gammie Frances dies, she receives an unexpected inheritance: the long-forgotten property that she and Gammie visited often when she was a child. As Kevan revisits the inherited estate, memories of her childhood resurface, and she realizes that she and her Gammie share a haunting connection to this place. What started out as loving, nostalgic memories with her grandmother quickly shifts to restless nights and chilling nightmares.
In the center of it all is a lone, little girl standing beside a still pond.
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