Line Kyed Knudsen

K for Kara 20 - Who is the Most Popular?

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A new girl is starting in Kara’s class: Gabriella. She is sweet and popular. Everyone thinks so, except for Kara. She actually thinks Gabriella is annoying and mean. Kara avoids Gabriella, but it is not fun, because suddenly Kara feels like an outsider. What can she do?

Line Kyed Knudsen was born in Gentofte in 1971. She debuted in 2003 and since then, she has written over 50 books for children and young adults. She often writes stories about friendships between girls. She has been nominated for several awards, and in 2007 she received Gyldendal's Pippi-award.

The books about Kara are inspired by her own childhood experiences as well as the experiences of her own daughter.
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