R.J. Theodore

Hunger and the Green

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This description and this book contain spoilers for the author's Peridot Shift series. It is recommended that you read FLOTSAM and SALVAGE first!
A gothic horror set in the world of Peridot, Mary Shelley's influence permeates this magic-infused tale of hubris, horror, and obsession.
Following the events of Peridot Shift Book Two, SALVAGE, a Yu'Nyun gas released on the trade winds is tearing people's souls from them, leaving their bodies violent, anguished husks. Ada's brother, Elias, is one of many of the foul winds' victims.
Launching a desperate plan to bring him back, Ada hires a bounty hunter to procure an empty body for her brother's preserved quintessence. If Ada can re-bond Elias's soul to this new body, they can help the other citizens of Peridot who were similarly devastated.
But when the bounty hunter brings her a mermaid, one of Onaya Bone's dangerous experiments, Ada's plan for redemption spirals into a hellish nightmare. The flesh-eating mermaid may not have a soul, but she won't allow Elias to have her body without a fight.
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