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Healthy Boundaries: An Affirmations Bundle for Setting Boundaries and Communicating Effectively

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A lot of people understand how it’s important to set healthy boundaries and communicate what you want effectively. But you are probably aware of how hard it is to unlearn toxic patterns that keep you stuck in less than ideal situations.

Imagine how at ease you’ll feel when you will be able to set healthy boundaries and articulate exactly what you want to say naturally. In fact, you are already one step closer to this change, as you invest your time in this program right now.

We’re not going to say this bundle is the perfect way to rewire your thinking. Perhaps it is exactly what you need. What we will say is that people who invest in this program frequently discover their new way of thinking leads to more confidence in communication, healthier boundaries and better peace of mind.

Investing in this bundle can help you:

• Discover thought patterns focused on prioritizing healthy interactions
• Move beyond fear-based limitations
• Elevate to a healthier, more positive mindset

The program includes:

• Chapters 1 to 4: Daytime Affirmations
• Chapters 5 to 8: Subliminal Affirmations

Listen to the subliminal affirmations on a low volume either before or during sleep.

The more you listen to this program, the more your thoughts will change. The results are cumulative and speak for themselves.

These affirmations have been designed and produced by Bright Soul Words, a brand obsessed with creating programs that rewire your mind for positive and lifelong changes.
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