Paul Birch

The Barren Author: Series 1 - Episode 2

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Inspired by the stories of Baron Munchausen by Rudolf Erich Raspe our tales are not a literal adaptation but instead take the satirical, provocative and absurd spirit of the original tales and re imagines them for 2020.
These fantastical stories are perfectly suited to an immersive audio experience which has, at its heart, the powerful, witty and commanding storytelling of its central character.

But don`t get too comfortable.
Something dark always lies just underneath the comedy.
Something desperate to get out…
Episode 2
Smith’s gentle interrogations continue and the young Brigadier reveals his contribution to the fall of Communism through a series of Elton John impersonations. His astonishing achievements don’t stop there. When his accidental discoveries aboard a Swedish Science Research ship lead to the invention of a secret formula, the world is at his feet. The world kicks back, however, and after a desperate climb up Notre Dame, he finds himself pursued by the police, an old friend and two well-known figures of darkness. This heady mix of characters eventually find themselves at the heart of a larger evil - the sordid trafficking of Celebrity Lookalikes.
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Andrews UK
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