Michael Branson

The Best Manipulation Techniques : Learn how to influence people with NLP, Mind Control, Dark psychology and Persuasion

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Hi there, thanks for showing interest in this book, I hope you’ll read it!!!
Oops, think about this, judging from the tone by which I have said this short Introductory sentence, doesn’t it trigger a little bit more remorse in you to actually buy and read his book? If it does, then awesome, that’s because I’m using a polite form of manipulation to make you want to read my book.
Imagine having the power to convince people subtly in ways they don’t even notice and be able to get them to yield to your requests. Isn't that awesome?
The other way round, imagine being able to detect that someone is trying to manipulate you and using NLP techniques to prevent them from doing so… That’s also cool right? THAT’S WHAT THIS BOOK IS ALL ABOUT…
In addition, the book covers all areas relevant to the development and implementation of effective manipulation strategies, including analysis, cold reading and body language. The book does not describe deception as something inherently wrong, given its negative connotations.Ethical issues related to manipulation are dealt with in a dedicated chapter.In a specific sense, manipulation is the effort to influence certain people's behavior or interpretation. Most definitions extend it to include "through the use of abusive, deceptive or otherwise exploitative means" or something similar, as a means of distinguishing between manipulation and other behaviors that influence such as persuasion. This poses even more concerns, for example what is "exploitative." It is relatively easy to define manipulation as a willful concealment or alteration of the truth. But is trickery really stopping persuasion?
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