A.J. Newton

Start a Successful Career Today in Information Technology

2nd Edition (Revised & Edited)A detailed step-by-step guide that takes you from a total beginner to a top-earning IT professional at the top of your career.Each chapter of this book has been meticulously put together by the author with the newcomer to Information Technology in mind.The book contains modern information and useful insights that will prove invaluable for IT professionals battling career stagnation.It demonstrates three pathways to three different successful careers in IT that almost anyone can start pursuing today, with or without a university degree.It includes the top IT certifications needed to boost your IT career in the 2020s.This book is a consolidation of 16+ years of experience, knowledge and tips gathered while working in the Information Technology Industry.It covers job hunting and what to expect at job interviews.It contains tips and tricks and provides guidance on decision-making every step of the way.It also includes a glossary of 120 key IT terms to get you started.It is straight to the point. No boring and unnecessary text.Purposefully designed with colourful pages and appealing illustrations to make it an easy read.
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A. J. Newton
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