Which Path 55 Life Lessons, Kevin Avy
Kevin Avy

Which Path 55 Life Lessons

An impactful book filled with decades of applicable real life wisdom. Which Path 55 Life Lessons contains teachings gained from first-hand experiences; it explains the gift of silence and explains how to answer duplicitous questions without ensnaring yourself. It covers the risks associated with drinking alcoholic beverages without setting a drinking limit. There are lessons on displaying fear, intimidation and confronting bullies. This book talks about unhealthy relationships, opportunistic friendships, and setting boundaries to safeguard loved ones from potential predators. Various aspects of harsh life encounters are written in this book. There are a total of fifty-five life lessons and six bonus teachings. The reader is certain to obtain useful knowledge after reading this book.

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Which Path 55 Life Lessons, Kevin Avy
Which Path 55 Life Lessons
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