Joanna Penn

How to Make a Living with Your Writing Third Edition

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Do you want to make a living with your writing? Do you want to turn your words into multiple streams of income? I’m Joanna Penn and I left my corporate job a decade ago to become a full-time author entrepreneur. In this completely updated Third Edition, I’ll explain how I make a living with my writing and share tips from other writers on how you can do it too with practical, actionable advice that you can implement for yourself.
If you love to create and you’re ready to learn fresh skills in a fast-changing environment, this book will give you lots of ideas on how to make money with your words.
Each chapter provides ideas you can use to research each opportunity in more detail and questions to guide your thought process. Sometimes it’s just about knowing what’s out there in order to find what’s right for you.
Part 1: How to Make Money with Books1.1 Your publishing options and how the industry has changed1.2 Your book is a valuable intellectual property asset1.3 Traditional publishing1.4 Self-publishing or becoming an indie author1.5 Write more books1.6 Write books that people want to buy1.7 Publish in multiple formats1.8 Publish globally1.9 Sell direct to your audience1.10 Market your booksPart 2: How to Make Money with your Writing in Other Ways2.1 Your author ecosystem2.2 Affiliate income2.3 Crowdfunding, patronage and subscription2.4 Professional speaking, teaching, performing, and live events2.5 Online courses2.6 Advertising and sponsorship2.7 Physical products and merchandise2.8 Freelance writing and ghostwriting2.9 Consulting or coaching2.10 Author services2.11 Other ways to make money with your writingThe transition to making a living with your writing
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