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Cold Calling Techniques: Learn how to close sales with cold calls to sell anything on the phone

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Cold calls may seem outdated. But they work, they work very well.
Cold calling is still the fastest and most profitable technique to close a sale. But it’s not easy: a lot of people experience troubles while trying to sell at the phone.
An amazing tool, which only a few can master. And now you can too.
With Cold Calling Techniques you will learn…
- What makes a good prospect, and how to uncover them
- Why cold calling still works in the Internet era
- The anatomy of a cold call
- Defining the goals of your call
- The single, main, problem with cold calling
- The step-by-step technique to maximize your phone sales skills
- Five different cold calling methods
- How to get prospects chase you
- Specific cold calling techniques for job research, real estate agents, small businesses and much more case studies!
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