Ashley King

The Imperfect Psychic: A Clairvoyant Catastrophe (The Imperfect Psychic Cozy Mystery Series—Book 3)

A CLAIRVOYANT CATASTROPHE is book #3 in a charming new cozy mystery series by Ashley King, which begins with A DUBIOUS DEATH (Book #1)

Charlotte Vale, 30, a psychic from New York City, has a dubious gift—her vision, not always accurate, often leaves her customers more confused than happy.

At a crossroads in life, Charlotte has made a drastic change: she has followed a vision to a quaint town upstate, and opened the bed and breakfast of her dreams, her beloved cat and companion Oliver by her side.

Charlotte is thrilled when her sister—a celebrity psychic to the stars—decides to visit. Even better, her sister’s presence draws more attention to the bed and breakfast, and business is booming.

Everything seems to be going perfectly, until Charlotte notices a trend—more people are coming to see her sister than herself.

Even worse—one of their clients shows up dead.

With Charlotte’s reputation on the line, she is pulled into the midst of a confusing murder scene—but this time, she has her sister at her side. Can they solve it together?

A page-turning cozy mystery, packed with mystery, magic and humor—THE IMPERFECT PSYCHIC is an un-putdownable cozy series that will keep you turning pages (and laughing out loud) late into the night.
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