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Mothgirl & The Emperor's New Suit - Sleep Stories Collection

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Welcome to Sleep Stories -- fairy tales and folk stories specifically engineered to help you fall asleep faster and sleep through the night. Perfect for listeners of any age, this soothing tale of "Mothgirl" and "The Emperor's New Suit" will whisk you away into the land of sweet dreams.
Mothgirl is a compelling and fun take on the Hans Christian Anderson classic, Thumbelina. Mothgirl tells the story about a poor couple who wanted a child but could not have one. They go out into the woods to ask the Oracle for a child, who tells them to bring a soft piece of cloth out to the woods by his tree, and 'see what will happen'. The couple follows this advice, and thus, mothgirl is born.
This story is a modern translation of the classic tale by Hans Christian Andersen. Mothgirl's adventures are sure to capture the heart of any reader of any age.
Hans Christian Anderson's 'The Emperor's New Suit' is a tale of an entire kingdom that ignores the obvious for fear of judgement, only to be called out by a child.
This story is a translation of a classic tale by Hans Christian Andersen. An Emperor of a city is fond of new clothes. Two imposter weavers enter his city and tell him that they can create a suit for him that would be invisible to people who are unfit to hold their office, or excessively simple. The Emperor orders this suit to be made for him. The weavers pretend to weave this suit but in truth weave nothing at all, and present this fake "invisible" suit to everyone in the city as if it really exists.
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